My path towards Visual Communication Design was not a straight one. I was studying fashion, but I knew I didn't want to make clothes. I was more interested in the art of ad campaigns and editorials and the inventive visual merchandising and environmental design in retail spaces. When I transferred to Herron, there was no program to study fashion, so I entered the Visual Communication program. I was surprised by how much I loved it immediately. It was a much better fit. What I love about design is how the design process and Design Thinking can really be used to solve any problem under the sun. It isn't just about making a beautiful artifact. It's does this beautiful artifact do what we need it to do? It isn't just about whether we like it, but does it say what we are trying to say to our audience?
Since earning my BFA in Visual Communication in 2011, I have designed for a number of clients as a freelance designer and as a contractor. My work has included design for print, web, and branding, as well as design research. I start a project by getting to know my client and their business with a discovery session. This phase of discovery is the most important part of my process because from there, all decisions are made. Discovery is where the strategy for the project comes from, it allows me to focus on the user and not simply personal preference, and to me that is what is most valuable for finding the perfect design for my clients.
In my free time I like going on hikes with my husband, son, and our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Theo, trying new recipes, and streaming cooking shows and detective shows.
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